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A Nude Elsie Hewitt Will Make You See Double Elsie hewitt treats magazine 12 steve shaw 2 2636bab8 featured

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Ronda Rousey Takes Out Robbers … We Take Out Her A•Rousing Out Takes! Ronda rousey photo 15 83e1ab76 featured

Love her or loathe her, there’s no denying Rowdy Ronda Rousey is the best thing ever to happen to women’s Mixed Martial Arts.... read more

The Hooters Hall of ‘Frame’ : Classic Waitresses Serving Up the Best Bods! Hooters part 04 photo18 409b7623 featured

In Part 2 of our month-long tribute to the 34th anniversary of the first ‘Breastaurant,” we profiled the group of freaky Florida businessmen who came up with the concept … and became known as ‘The Hooters 6.’Begin typing...... read more

Whoa, Kristen Stewart Just Shaved Off All Her Hair! Stewart on the road 772180 infobox 2868bd8d featured

Holy f*ck.... read more

#TBT Someone Discovered Emily Ratajkowski Emily ratajkowski 67 1 5d762588 featured

There are people in the world who wish they invented the computer or the cellphone. There are others who wish they had painted a famous masterpiece, and I’m sure there are even some people who wish they found a cure for disease. As for me, I don’t so much wish for fame or fortune, I just wish I was the one who discovered Emily Ratajkowski. ... read more

Did Lady Gaga Slip a Lip in These Short Shorts? Spl1356340 022 0f88401d featured

The real question is, can you see a bit of lower lippage in picture number 8??... read more

What Does Bella Hadid Win For Wearing This Dress At Cannes? Spl1285541 006 8c9527b6 featured

The Festival de Cannes, better known as The Cannes Film Festival, is always filled with great movies, tons of celebrities, and film lovers from all over the world. While the Palme d'Or is given to the best film of the festival, I’m wondering what kind of award Bella Hadid received for being the hottest person on the red carpet. ... read more

Trance: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 7.23.13 [PICS] 13739 web

Spellbindingly nude on Blu-ray, Rosario Dawson is hairless and underwearless in Trance (2013). Lip-notic! Next up Roxane Mesquida will get your stake pounding as a vampire vixen in Kiss of the Damned (2012). Then the complete second season Femme Fatales is to die for with nude scenes from My Bloody Valentine’s Betsy Rue, and lurid lovelies like Sadie Alexandru, Jes Macallan, and Sandra McCoy!

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Movie Nudity Report: Trance, Simon Killer, Thale 13219 web

The reboot of Evil Dead (2013) that's opening wide this week has even less skin than the original, but never fear, we know the nudest releases hitting big screens near you. If you are anywhere near a theater showing the limited release of Danny Boyle's Trance (2013), drop everything and get ready to see Rosario Dawson spectacularly nude. She strips down for two, well lit, full frontal scenes, and there is nary a hair covering her tantalizing lower lippage! The indie flick Simon Killer (2012) and Norwegian horror yarn Thale (2012) are also out, providing looks at the 3 B’s of Mati Diop and Silje Reinåmo, respectively.

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Miley Cyrus Exposes Her Easter Basket in Pantyless Upskirt [PICS] 11162 web

It's usually Santa Claus, not the Easter Bunny, who takes requests, but this year Peter Cottontail brought a special surprise for all the good little boys (and at least a couple of girls) out there: a pantyless upskirt from former child star Miley Cyrus.

Miley flashed the goods getting into her car after leaving the gym this weekend, and the posse of photographers that follows her around was there, as always, to catch her in snatch-ion.

Whether or not you can actually see her lady lips in the pic is debatable (it may also just be where her thigh meets her crotch), but it proves one thing for sure: this barely-legal bunny has no grass on her basket.

See the Miley Cyrus upskirt pic after the jump!... read more

Top 10 Celebrity Shaving Beauties

They say that Gillette is the best a man can get, but what's the breast a woman can get? Get ready to lather up for our top 10 naked stars shaving. It's smooth sailing as Amanda Peet, Tilda Swinton and more turn go from hair to bare!... read more

Twilight's Ashley Greene Shows Some Pink 6216 web

Big Screen Vampire Tells Clothes to Bite It!
Ever since she starred as vampire-lusting teen Bella in the smash tween flick Twilight, Kristen Stewart has been quickly moving up the list of sexy starlets we'd love to see strip down. Sadly, aside from a few chaste underwear shots in the hit movie, Kristen's been skingy with her cinematic output.

However, we're not so blinded by Kristen's quirky beauty that we didn't notice the other gorgeous stars of Twilight, namely Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, and brunette newcomer Ashley Greene.

Today, Ashley's sunk her vampy, vixenish teeth right into our hearts with some fantastic, private naked shots that hit the web this afternoon!

Click "more" and get the full scoop on Ashley Greene nude!... read more

I Saw Tit in 3-D 5251 featured

3-D Movies are mounting a comeback. Again. Be still, my bleeding eyes. Again.

At age 7, I stumbled upon the famous photograph of a movie theater audience staring up, enraptured, at Bwana Devil (1953) through paper eyeglasses with colored lenses.

Some nearby authority figure explained to me that those people were watching a 3-D movie, and those glasses enabled the images to jump right off the screen.

The immediate, flawlessly logical question I blurted out then was: “So why isn’t every movie in 3-D?” Nobody could explain it to me.

Seven was also the age when I happened up Pops McBeardo’s Playboy stashed in the bathroom hamper, so my unspoken query was: “And why isn’t Playboy in 3-D? And what about dirty movies?” The answers would come. As would I.... read more

Linsday Lohan Flashes Bald Beaver -- September 5, 2006 1692 web

Between playing a Mean Girl on the big-screen and going girl-girl in real-life, Lindsay Lohan exposed the world to her ultimate naked girl-part on this date in 2006.

The occasion was the Venice Film Festival, where Lindsay landed to promote the ensemble drama Bobby. Upon stepping out of a boat in one of the city’s famous waterways, however, Lindsay suddenly cast herself in the immortal paparazzi image, “Baldy.”

So reminisce about where you were exactly two years ago when you first pondered starring opposite Lindsay Lohan’s smooth cooze in an intense video documentary titled I Know Who Filled Me.

Then click the pic for an uncensored look back Lindsay’s lusciously hairless lower front.... read more

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