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Meet the Site That's Turning Girl’s Sexual Fantasies Into Realities… Homepage article pic ac393727 featured, a site well known for their ‘documentary style porn’, launched a brand new Reality Porn Series and yep, it’s…a game changer! ... read more

Somebody has remade the TV show Blind Date…but with live fucking! Mr skin thumb pic 4c19fc92 featured

Anyone remember Blind Date!? Of course you do! The dividing wall, the girl on one side, 3 single men on the other, answering ridiculous questions with terrible innuendo in an attempt to win the girl's heart? Well, it’s back...kind of. Ersties, famous for their outrageous documentary style porn shoots, have taken the Blind Date format and added one crucial ingredient...fucking! ... read more

Sex Vlogging Girls Get Locked in Crazy Waterpark Overnight in Their Riskiest Shoot Yet! Mr skin thumbnail pic c672b4cc featured

When Casey Neistat, one of the world’s biggest Youtube stars, saw his adventures at a German waterpark go viral, he probably didn’t imagine that it would inspire notorious amateur porn producers Ersties to create their own, extremely NSFW, viral hit. ... read more

What Happened When the Ersties Girls Got Together To Try a Sybian For the First Time… Main image mr skin 18a4c3b2 featured

The Sybian has been described as the ‘Ultimate sexual pleasure tool’ so it’s no great surprise that the internet’s Ultimate Amateur porn site Ersties decided to conduct their own ‘product research’ to test out this bold claim. ... read more

The controversial Tinder Sex Tape that went viral overnight Sex tape the tinder experiment c733cd2e featured

An awful lot has been written about Tinder; its merits, its downfalls, its place in modern dating and society. All very valid arguments, and if you've come here expecting a piece about the moral implications of Tinder then you're going to be a tad disappointed. We are actually more interested in amateur porn legends Ersties and their experiment of using Tinder for, well, what everyone thinks you use Tinder for.

Hit the jump for more info...... read more

Risky Exhibitionists Push the Boundaries in the City of Sin Thumb cover image bfc2f357 featured

This shoot perfectly captures what Ersties are all about. A female team of porn connoisseurs who put the fun and naughtiness back into amateur porn. Their philosophy is simple; real people, real porn, real authenticity…and it’s hot as hell!... read more

The Ersties Girls Pay Homage to the Golden Era of Porn Ke0b5094 dae1e782 featured

The soft, artistic and beautiful porn of the 70’s was for many, including the girls over at Amateur Porn legends Ersties, a first foray into the wonderful world of porn.... read more

A Very Risky Day Out at the Student Library with the Ersties Girls… Mr skin main image jpg 397aebc9 featured

For those of you who love your porn with a more amateur twist then you’ll only be too aware of Amatuer porn legends Ersties. Time and time again they provide the porniverse with the sexiest and downright riskiest amateur shoots. What is becoming somewhat of a trademark for the all women team at Ersties, their knack of taking perfectly innocent situations and transforming them in to something quite the opposite has gotten the internet world a little hot under the collar once more! ... read more

Actual Strangers Having Sex Of The Day! 16989 web

There’s nothing quite like genuine, amateur porn. With amateur categories across all major websites filled with new content every day, finding and watching some good old amateur porn shouldn’t be an issue, right? Unfortunately, that never actually seems to be the case. Recognizable faces, questionable acting and ‘professional’ looking performances all seem to be a recurring theme in the category. Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with this, more often than not it leaves you craving something a little more… genuine.
It’s exactly that reason why this video from German amateur legends Ersties really caught our eye. The premise of the video is this; take two twenty-something year old students, put them together in a room with nothing but a bed, and introduce them for the first time on camera.

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