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Are We Going To See Halle Berry Topless Again Soon?

You know what we don’t have enough of in this world? Movies with Halle Berry nudity in them. Sure, we have some and they are all really awesome, but we need more. How many more? As many as we can get. So, I’m kind of hoping this nude Halle Berry Instagram post is a signal that more topless Halle Berry is coming soon to theater near you.  

Technically speaking this is about as nude as you can get on Instagram. You can’t really show anything, you can only really hint at it, but when it comes to Halle Berry we will take the hint. I don’t know if this is just Halle Berry hanging out topless at home or she’s working on her next movie. She mentions something about Nina Simone and I believe I heard she's playing her in a movie so, I know I was never really good at math, but it seems like we can put two and two together and have it equal Halle Berry being nude in a movie about Nina Simone. Yes, I know they just made a movie about Nina Simone starring Zoe Saldana, and I could totally look up to see if Halle Berry is playing her in another movie, but I’d rather just stay here and stare at the outline of Halle Berry’s boobs.

It’s true what they say, you can never have too much of a good thing, especially if that good thing you are talking about is a nude Halle Berry. And even if having too much was a bad thing, none of us would ever complain or stop enjoying a nude Halle Berry.