Laura Harrier, Nude Model, Soon To Be Star

As much as many of us really didn’t want another reboot and/or remake of Spider-Man, alas it’s undoubtable there are three different versions playing on three different screens at your local theater. I understand the superhero fatigue, but you should probably do your best to see Spider-Man: Homecoming for one simple reason: Laura Harrier.  

Yes, this is one of those moments when you see someone and you just know they are going to be big. Laura Harrier is going to be big. And before she makes it big and we are all floating in a sea of Laura Harrier, let’s take a few moments and look back at her nude modeling career. Well, I guess, if you want to get technical it’s just a regular modeling career with some nude modeling tossed in, but there’s just something fun about saying Laura Harrier’s nude modeling career. Anyway, Laura Harrier has an amazing body and an amazing talent to go with said body. It’s only a matter of time before we all know the name Laura Harrier. And as a bonus for us we also know her boobs!

If you have been putting off seeing the latest Spider-Man movie because you've exhausted the number of times you can see someone sling a web, take some time to introduce yourself to Laura Harrier. She’s totally worth the price of admission and popcorn.