It’s an urban legend – everyone knows that sexy friend of a friend who paid her way through college by taking her clothes off. But what if we told you that it’s a real thing - and that flashing and stripping for school books, pens, and shiny new laptops is gaining popularity?   

As college gets pricier, and the world gets more and more sexually open (in other words, more like this site!), is it any wonder that we’re seeing a massive boom in the number of college chicks paying their bills by taking off their panties? Not only that, they’re doing it live on one particular cam site,, where YOU get to watch them.

For student Natalie Jones, camming is a way to get the most possible out of her college experience: “As a hard-working Dentistry student, the extra money helps me get the study materials I need. I don’t have time to get a bar job, and although I did consider stripping, I’m not really one for late nights.”



Natalie models on popular cam site ImLive, where she chooses her own hours, “Camming on ImLive fits into my busy life just perfectly. I can get on cam and get naughty in my chatroom whenever I want. There’s also a Strip Show feature where I can act out my stripper fantasy in my own bedroom, while the guys make it rain!”

Like many co-ed cam-girls, it seems that for Natalie, camming is more than just about the money: “I’ve had steamy live chats in my car, and even in the bathroom in between lectures. It’s a giggle and it turns me on - and I’m getting paid. What could be better than that?”

There are thousands of college girls of every shape, size, and nationality, shaking their money-makers right now on It would be rude not to go and help them get their qualifications!

Coed cutie Sarah loves to let off steam by chilling out in her Free Live Chat room: “I’ve become good friends with my Guests. I love chatting with them in my free chat room - or in private, where things get a lot saucier!



Art student Janine credits ImLive with actually playing a big part in her studies: “Camming is an awesome way for me to get creative! There are lots of cool events on ImLive – such as themed parties every weekend. All the girls dress up and you can bet that it will get extra naughty. It’s impossible not to feel sexy when you’re wearing a cute nurse outfit, or shaking your pom poms! The football-themed party was totally insane – I borrowed my roommate’s cheerleader outfit…! She’s gonna freak out when I tell her what I really got up to when I was wearing it!”


Janine also loves the Guest-judged Monthly Video Contests on ImLive “I love thinking of cool ideas for ImLive’s themed video competitions! One of my favorites was ‘High Heel Heaven’ – any excuse to wear my heels! The ‘Hot Workout’ video got pretty steamy too! 

And it’s not just the college chicks who are at it! When rumors started circulating that a Math lecturer had been showing off her angles on ImLive, we had to check it out. The blonde minx (we won’t name her, in case she loses her job!) was definitely putting in those extra hours, and according to her it’s 100% fun, 100% of the time. “After a long day of lectures, camming is my way to unwind. A private, 1-on-1 chat with a favorite member is a perfect end to the day, and of course, there’s always a happy ending!”



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