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Mr. Skin Gets a Shoutout on Californication [PIC] 10936 web

Mr. Skin was tickled pink- or rather, purple- watching Californication last night: not only did one of cable's most reliable providers of hot nudecomers mention Mr. Skin by name, but we got to ogle boobs at the same time. Showtime, you spoil us!

Sarah Power, who previously tightened trousers in American Pie Presents Beta House (2007), makes her nude debut on this week's episode as the sexy star of a film Hank (David Duchovny) is writing. In one scene, Sarah comes strolling into Hank's trailer and asks him what he thinks of her breasts; he tells her that they're great, so great that she will probably win a "Mr. Skin Award."

We'll certainly take it into con-SKIN-deration!
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Breast of the Rest

Last week, Mr. Skin unveiled his picks for 2007's 26 best DVDs for sex and nudity. And now, the breast of the rest...
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Mr. Skin's Top(less) 26 DVDs of 2007!

Years come, years go. So as 2007 fades into the new horizons of 2008, let's be freshly grateful, then, that flesh on film lasts forever. The past twelve months have provided a bumper crop of delectable actresses unveiling themselves on DVD.... read more

Erik Lindsay: The Mr. Skin Interview

American Pie Presents: Beta House (Picture: 1) is the sixth skin-stallment in the world's reigning teen-sex-comedy juggernaut. Be sure to pick it up on DVD when it debuts the day after Christmas. There is no finer use for all those gift cards you got. sat down with Beta House screenwriter Erik Lindsay to talk about his new movie, the previous Pies, and raunchy puberty farces of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.... read more

I Beta Pie!

The teen sex comedy, that bulwark of shower-room peeping, back-seat groping, pledge hazing, and general debauchery, had all but disappeared from mainstream American cinema before it was revived by 1999's skinstant classic American Pie, in which Shannon Elizabeth's (Picture: 1) not-to-be-believed topless masturbation scene gave fans of on-screen nudity a reason to test out the pause and zoom buttons on their new DVD players.... read more

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