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Top Ten Naked On-Screen Virgins Screen shot 2017 06 20 at 1 24 10 pm b8ca6bed featured

The virginal female character is a convention as old as drama itself. Thankfully that convention is still alive and well, and we've got ten great nude scenes from actresses playing virgins on film! These ten ladies made us forget about any embarrassment surrounding our own "first time" because they went the extra mile to show off theirs! Here are our Top Ten Naked On-Screen Virgins!... read more

Top Ten Alaskan Beauties Screen shot 2017 03 25 at 1 38 55 pm 2b9b4525 featured

Happy Sesquicentennial Alaska! On this day in 1867, the land that would eventually become our fiftieth state was purchased from Russia by Secretary of State William Seward. Way up north the weather is cold, but the babes are smoking hot! Enjoy these ten Alaskan beauties on this momentous day for our country!... read more

Rumer and Tallulah Willis Tanning Topless [PICS] 14816 web

It may still be freezing cold here at Skin Central, but Rumer and Tallulah Willis have headed down Mexico way to have some fun in the sun. Topless! Paparazzi captured grainy photos of the siblings avoiding tan lines while basking in the south-of-the-border rays. Not too surprising, after all their mother Demi Moore did the same thing for her unenhanced nude debut in Blame It on Rio (1984).

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Mr. Skin's Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Breasts: #10-7 [PICS] 11410 web

This MAM-orial Day weekend, we're taking a break from our regular prog-MAM-ming to bring you an udderly mam-tastic countdown of the breast celebrity cans courtesy of our own Mr. Skin. (Q: How many boobie puns can we work into one sentence? A: Five.) The list comes hand-picked by the Sultan of Skin himself, so whether you agree whole hard-edly or your favorite didn't make the list, let us know in the comments!
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Cougar Hunters Prepare to Pounce as Demi Moore Divorces Ashton Kutcher [PICS] 10097 web

Is there anyone more deserving of the "MILF" title than Demi Moore?

This cougarrific vision of brunette loveliness has been charming trouser snakes since she was a mere kitten, appearing nude in films from Blame it on Rio (1984) to G.I. Jane (1997).

Demi's been off the skin scene for a while now, but now that she's filing for divorce from younger hubby Ashton Kutcher (he's 15 years her junior), we're hoping this wild cat will decide to bare her claws once more.

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One-Handed Workout: Eroticise [VIDEO] 9157 web

This week's One-Handed Workout is an example of skinplicity at its finest, and will bring back many slappy memories for guys who spent most of the '80s with a VCR remote on one side and a tissue box on the other. Courtesy of Vestron Video, the distributor of such skinfamous titles as 1977's Cinderella (the porn), Takin' it Off (1985), Chained Heat (1983), Blame it on Rio (1984) and H.O.T.S. (1979), Eroticise stars gazonga goddess Kitten Natividad in a naked (pun intended) attempt to bring together the '80s aerobics trend and the ever-expanding (pun also intended) market of teenage boys too young to rent XXX porn, but still looking for some quality T&A on VHS.

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Mr. Skin Celebrates the '80s: 1984 [PICS] 9050 web

1984 really was a brave nude world: in a nude move that would be all but impossible today, the PG-rated family film Splash splashed into theaters, complete with Daryl Hannah's bare boobs and bum. 1984 was also the year that The Woman in Red received a PG-13 rating, despite a flash of full frontal nudity (and nearly two minutes of boobies) from fantasy female Kelly LeBrock.

Journey further into the alternate boobtiverse of 1984 with more of Mr. Skin's Favorite Nude Scenes of 1984 after the jump!... read more

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