Do Not Adjust Your Screen

I don’t know if I need to get my eyes checked or not, but I swear I’m seeing double and triple Elsie Hewitt. I’m not saying this is an issue; quite the contrary in fact, as seeing multiple versions of Elsie Hewitt completely nude is quite wonderful and something I never want to go away.  

You know, typically when I see someone as beautiful as Elsie Hewitt topless things tend to get a little blurry and I see double, but this time it seems to be on purpose. It kind of looks like we are staring at a 3D image of a nude Elsie Hewitt without the special 3D glasses, which is kind of sad because I think we’d all love to be looking at Elsie Hewitt nude in 3D. Though, to be fair, Elsie Hewitt’s nudity pretty much jumps off the page anyway, no special glasses needed. Still if anyone has a pair of 3D glasses left over from the latest action movie they saw, go ahead put them, look at every single nude pic of Elsie Hewitt, and tell me about the experience.  

To tell the truth, I might have to do some looking around to see if these pics of a Elsie Hewitt nude in different colors are for sale, because this is the kind of art I love. It’s modern, it’s cool, and it’s Elsie Hewitt nude. That’s something I can stare at and admire for hours.